5 Creative Ways To Brand Your Workspace

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It’s an awesome feeling when you look at your social media profiles, online presence, and promo materials and they’re emblazoned with your branding and logo. You’ve worked hard to get your branding just right, and even harder to inspire your target market to appreciate your branding and fall in love with your business. Mission accomplished! 

Now, it’s time to inspire yourself to love your branding and brand your workspace for ongoing organization and motivation. Check out these simple tips to quickly and affordably organize and brand your workspace.

    1. Start off with a clean slate. Streamline your belongings by donating extra notebooks, binders, and moleskins you don’t use. Trust me – only keep what you need.
    2. Curate your decorations. Add an inspirational quote on a bulletin board, light a candle in your favorite scent (lavender has a calming effect that’s great on hectic workdays), or pick up an adorable hedgehog light to inspire your cutesy, creative side. Sip your coffee from a boss lady mug and replace that ordinary office chair with one in a cute leopard print.  You’re all set!
    3. Post your logo in one prominent place, then add a pop of your brand color in strategic locations. If Kiwi Avenue Green is your thing make sure to showcase it!
    4. Make it a point to keep clutter at bay because white space and clean lines give your mind space to play and think.
    5. On your next trip to Walmart or the dollar store, grab the biggest, prettiest picture frame they have. Frame a plain sheet of white paper or cardstock and you have a pretty, easy-to-use white board. Use it to write your goals right on the glass and mount it on the wall where you can see it every day. Bonus: It’s easy to change it as you meet each goal. 

Taking these five steps will brand your workspace with inspiration and personality. It’ll feel more like fun and less like work, help you stay organized and focused, and make it a great place to work. Final Tip: Make time for you and put yourself first!

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