Kiwi Kindness Coffee

Have you been searching for an amazing way to say thank you to your best clients but are tired of flowers, chocolate etc? Well look no further!

Great for client gifts, thank you gifts, holidays, or add an additional revenue stream to your business.

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Our 4 Simple Steps

  1. Choose your coffee
  2. Select quantity and size
  3. Brand it!
  4. Sell it or gift it to your clients

Our Products Options

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Light, Medium, Dark, Decaf

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Whole bean or ground
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Customize with your branding

Create the perfect branding your your label!
Upload a logo and we can design something for you

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Salted Caramel, Irish Cream, Whiskey Barrel or Hazelnut

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(12 oz, Single Serve Pods)

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Minimum orders of 15 bags

Small Batch Roaster

Small batch roasting ensures that your coffee is as fresh as possible.

Shade Grown

Our beans are grown in the Atitlán region of Guatemala. The high altitudes and rich, volcanic soil create the perfect environment for these specialty-grade Arabica beans. Shade-grown means sustainable farming that is better for the environment.


Customized just for you!

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About Our Coffee

Our coffee has tasting notes of cocoa, citrus, peach, berries, slight floral, and caramel. It’s a 100% single origin Arabica coffee sourced from the Atitlán region of Guatemala. Shade grown in rich volcanic soil, our coffee is produced and harvested at an ideal altitude of 5,200-6,000 ft.

We are introducing our custom coffee collection!

A coffee that doesn’t just satisfy cravings for brew, but also makes them think and remember you.

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Our Goal

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Helping Families

For the past 20 years we have gone down to Guatemala and have built relationships directly with the farmers that provide us with our coffee.
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Direct Trade

The farm families we buy from set their own price – no haggling from us! This means families, just like yours, can earn a living and not be subject to a cycle of poverty. We know these families personally and have traveled to work with them.

Our passion for doing things with kindness. We’re passionate about coffee.