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Creating a brand that stands out and one that is cohesive is one of the biggest challenges for a business.

Achieving cohesiveness is your brand’s presentation of elements, such as colors, fonts, symbols or icons, being tied in together in an engaging manner..

Sounds easy, but trust me, it’s more challenging than it sounds, not to mention, time consuming.

Having said that, the DIY Gallery is especially designed to address these challenges. It can easily be personalized and ready to serve its purpose of creating an individuality for your brand sans the brain-draining, time consuming process.

Still over the fence if it’s for you?

Here are the various ways a DIY Gallery can help: 

Easy to Use

The best thing about using a DIY Gallery is that you can customize it to fit your brand by drag and drop.

By having a ready made template, customization doesn’t require any design skills. Drop your brand elements in like your logo, icons or high resolution images. Change  it to your color and fonts and you instantly have a stunning content ready for your audience.

Size Ready

Another way that the DIY Gallery resolves the time consuming issue is by being a marketing toolbox.

Whether you’re marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or creating digital printables such as welcome guides, workbooks, bookmarks or handbooks for your business (more on this on the next point), the DIY Gallery has templates perfectly sized to look its best for each purpose.


As previously mentioned, there’s actually numerous ways to use a DIY Gallery, and it’s perfect no matter what marketing phase you’re at.

Aside from using them to create stunning content to engage your audience, you can also use it to make printable freebies for your clients such as planners, calendars, bookmarks, stickers and more.


Not only does the DIY Gallery help you maintain cohesiveness in your brand, it also makes it easier for you to make sure that your audience stays engaged and familiar with your brand.

Using a DIY Gallery allows you to keep your creative juices flowing and in action without taking the fun out of it.  Join us for the Launch Party on December 15th here at: TheDIY

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