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DIY websites are touted all over the Internet as an easy, affordable way to get your business online. Building a website on your own is a lot more complicated than those slick DIY ads might have you think. So, here are a few of the reasons you really should hire a web design pro to help create the online face of your business:

  • When you hire a gal (or guy) to build your site, you can basically unload all your ideas, plans, and visions onto them, and then let them work their magic at creating something awesome that tickles your fancy and grabs the attention of your target market.
    • If you tackle the job on your own, well…that’s a whole different story. This is where many scary elements come into play. Will you really be able to handle everything on your own? Will you end up with a solution that’s sub-par when viewed side-by-side with your competitors?

  • A web designer has all the tech knowledge you don’t have – and don’t have time to acquire.
    • When you go it alone, you have a huge learning curve – if you want your site done right. Your website gives your target audience a 24/7 look at your biz. Trust me when I tell you that if you don’t put your best foot forward in your own biz, your customers and potential customers will not trust you to put your best foot forward for theirs.

  • With a pro, you get a one-of-a-kind site that sets you apart from the crowd. Your website can be built on a completely custom designed platform. A pro can design and build any type of website from membership to product-based to service-based. A web developer can also register a custom domain name and buy the right-size hosting package for you. That means your website won’t crash or go down unexpectedly.
    • No matter how hard you try to customize a template, it’s still a template. That means you’ll look like every other website using that same template.

Here’s the main reason you should hire a pro like me (hint, hint). Because when you outsource the core competencies I have, you also free valuable time (that you can’t get back) to focus and concentrate on your own strengths and core competencies. In other words, when you hire me to do what I’m great at, you have the time and energy you need to do what you’re great at.

There’s simply no substitute for the personal attention and unbeatable skill of a professional web developer. When you hire one, you’ll get an entire team of experts to collaborate with – people who are committed to your website and its goals, who know all the ins and outs of professional online presence making, and who live and breathe web design. A pro is the way to go if you want a professional website done right, done on budget, and done on time.

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