Designer on Demand

This package is available in 3, 6 or 12 month options
This is for a Creative Director & Design Team

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How It Works

You’re a growing non-profit and finally ready to hand off some extra projects so you can focus on your zone of genius. We utilize your brand standards to keep your designs consistent across all platforms. Kiwi Avenue is ready to take on your graphic and digital creations, designed the way you want- professional and engaging.

We will work with you on a monthly basis to showcase your brand in a polished and professional format that grabs the attention of your customers.

What’s included:


Brand Party Call

60 minute Zoom call to get to know you and your organization


Checkin Calls

2 x 15 minute calls to discuss project updates


Design Support

20 hours of support


Email Support

we are here to answer your questions or provide feedback throughout the month- we are just a quick email away!

Welcome To Designer on Demand

For the course creators, coaches, consultants or creative entrepreneurs!

Imagine having your dream design team at your service for an entire day!

Get your design to-do list checked off with our VIP day!

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Designer on Demand 3
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Designer on Demand 6
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We look forward to connecting!