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Ideas to Inventory
Kiwi Avenue can help you with your fundraising, merchandising & creating additional revenue streams for your business, hobby or cause.

How do you create merchandise with your logo?  How do you turn your blog into a book?  How do you raise money for a cause near and dear to your heart?  Instead of spending hours researching on Google and YouTube to find a solution- Kiwi Avenue can connect the dots for you.  We will help you every step along the way. Teaching, empowering and giving you the tools to succeed. 

Drop shipping:
We offer a shopping cart option that requires no inventory for you to purchase!
Don’t have time or space for merchandise?
No time to run to the postoffice?
Then we have the perfect shopping cart option for you

  • 1 page landing page website
  • Logo
  • Brand board
  • Business card
  • Postcard
  • Merchandise (Hat, Tshirt, Totebag, Mug, Sticker, Magnet)
  • 10 Social media quotes graphics
  • 1 cover image resized for FB, T, LI, YouTube
  • Custom illustration
  • Blog graphics
  • Form (Google Form)
  • Email List (Mail Chimp)
  • Ways to fundraise guide


  • Tags
  • Jewelry cards
  • Engraved charms
  • Stickers
  • Mugs
  • Tote bag
  • Magnet
  • Tshirt
  • Hat

Recommended Resources: 

  • Ribbons
  • Packaging 

  • Template Gallery with fully operational sites
      • Option 1
      • Option 2
      • Option 3
      • Option 4
      • Option 5

  • Color Palette Selection
    • Option 1-20
    • Fill in the blank or upload your color
    • Awareness ribbon chart
    • Colors to avoid

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