My Best Friend Stole My Business – Don’t Let It Happen To You

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My Best Friend Stole My Business – Don’t Let It Happen To You 1

Not much smacks you in the face harder than sharing an idea with someone you trust and having them steal it right out from under your nose. Sadly, that’s just what happened to me. I struggled in college.  I still struggle.  Some days I work for as many as 20 hours straight! Why? Because entrepreneurship is a LOT OF SACRIFICES and it takes a lot of work to get everything off the ground. Sometimes, you need a safe place to vent, or simply share, in the midst of all that entrepreneurial craziness.  

In college, I was writing business plans while my friends went out and did fun things. I frequently stayed up late to get ready for a trade show the night before a final exam. Both were important, so I, like most small business owners, had to learn how to juggle many things at once. That’s why I’m taking time to share some tips for safeguarding your business idea and still getting things done right from the start.

  1. Don’t share all of your trade secrets. Google works for everyone, so don’t divulge where you shop for supplies, how you make and sell your products or services, how to design your tags, and how you developed your brand.

  2. Figure out what’s most important to you and stick to it. Your friends and family may have different goals and priorities and that’s okay. Just don’t allow yourself to be dragged away from your goals and ideals – even if it means losing a friend.

  3. Have you ever heard the saying, “Flattery is the best compliment?” If you have a copycat, think of it as a compliment! They liked your idea enough to copy it, which means they recognize the creative genius that is you. It can be hard to think of it that way in the beginning. It was hard for me. Years later, though, I look back and think, “Yeah, go for it.  I am onto bigger and better things!”

Which leads to another great, business-life- retribution quote. The BEST revenge is living well!

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